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Long Range Boats & Landings

Fish-finding, navigation and communications were all vastly improved by advances in technology and hardware. Now, you can get the latest information from your favorite boats on the Internet.

The long range fleet has modernized with web sites. Some are updated daily with catch information and photos. All of the long range web sites can provide valuable information and pictures at the touch of your computer's keys, and the digital connection. Here's how to find them:

American Angler Sportfishing

Captains Sam Patella, Brian Kiyohara - (619) 223-5414 - Point Loma Sportfishing

Excel Sportfishing

Captains Justin Fleck, Mike Ramirez - (619) 223-7493 - Fisherman's Landing

Independence Sportfishing

Captains Mark Pisano, Paul Strasser, Jeff DeBuys - (619) 226-6006 - Point Loma Sportfishing

Intrepid Sportfishing

Captains Kevin Osborne - (887) 686-7827 - Point Loma Sportfishing

Polaris Supreme Sportfishing

Captains Tommy Rothery and Drew Henderson - (619) 390-7890 - Fisherman's Landing

Qualifier 105 Sportfishing

Captains John Klein and Joe Crisci - (619) 223-2786 - Point Loma Sportfishing

Red Rooster III Sportfishing

Captains Andy Cates, Derek Waldman - (619) 224-3857 - H&M Landing

Royal Polaris Sportfishing

Captains Frank LoPreste, Roy Rose - (619) 226-8030 - Fisherman's Landing

Royal Star Sportfishing

Captains Tim Ekstrom, Randy Toussaint and Brian Sims - (619) 224-4764 - Fisherman's Landing

Searcher Sportfishing

Captains Art Taylor, Aaron Remy - (619) 226-2403 - Fisherman's Landing

Shogun Sportfishing

Captain Aron Barnhill - (619) 226-8030 - Fisherman's Landing

Spirit of Adventure Sportfishing

Captains Mike Keating and Brian Evans - (619) 226-8030 - H&M Landing

Qualifier 105 Sportfishing

Captains Mike Lackey and Gordon Lackey - (619) 223-1627 - Point Loma Sportfishing

Fisherman's Biography

Bill Roecker Bill Roecker caught his first sunfish with a bobber and worm on a Mustad hook with a cane pole when he was four, in 1946. Bill was hooked. Reading Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway in his teens hooked him on writing. Working as a logger and a radio announcer put him through college, where he published his first fishing articles. After earning a B.S. and an MFA degree from the University of Oregon in 1967 for writing, he taught writing and American Literature at the University of Arizona and other schools. He won numerous prizes for fiction and poetry, and Arizona students voted him among the top professors there. He published three books of poetry and a short story anthology.

Learning to fly hang gliders prompted Roecker to return to journalism. He came to San Diego in 1977. During the 80's, he flew daily at Torrey Pines, fished for yellowtail, tuna, white sea bass and other species, and published hundreds of articles about fishing and hang gliding. He studied photography and video making, and found success with these visual forms of story telling. In 1988 he started Oceanic Productions, producing videos, books and calendars about California offshore fishing and long range fishing.

Bill Roecker hang-gliding Roecker printed his book, "Fresh One! Standup Fishing: Salt Water Methods, Tackle & Techniques" in 1990. He wrote and worked for several publications as editor, and edited South Coast Sportfishing and California Angler magazines. Since 1993 he has been news editor and photographer for the San Diego Sportfishing Council.

Bill Roecker lives in Oceanside with his wife Debbie, both retired hang glider pilots. He hosted and produced 26 shows on The Outdoor Channel in 2004, the "Standup Fishing with Bill Roecker" series. The 2009 edition of his Sportfishing Calendar, books, videos and other products are available in southern California tackle stores like Turner's, The Longfin and Fisherman's Landing, and on his web site's products page.

"It is my goal to produce the best possible videos about sport fishing. FishingVideos.com should appeal to a broad audience, be suitable for children and present the sport in a fair but positive light. Videos should also be informative and attractive in all aspects of production. Fish should be presented as deserving of fair play, and they should be released on camera or dispatched out of view accordingly. Sportsmanship is imperative, and must be a constant undercurrent. Good humor, friendship and an appreciation of nature must also be consistently present."

What You Get When You Buy A Standup Series DVD:

Action: A disc crammed with entertainment; video that moves at broadcast television speed, without boring, dragged-out scenes.

Accurate Information: Bill Roecker is a respected, nationally-known, salt water fishing authority, whose work appears regularly in magazines and newspapers and on web sites like Sport Fishing Magazine, Salt Water Sportsman, Sports Illustrated, Western Outdoor News, The Log, 976TUNA.com, BloodyDecks.com, FishSniffer.com, etc.

Original Entertainment: A video not played in its original form on television. Appropriate discussion W/Video Support: Some videos spend long minutes with an angler who is supposed to be playing a fish, but who spends that time plugging a product or himself. Inferior videos use that slow time to discuss fishing methods or techniques not being demonstrated.

Video Technology: The latest in electronics and special effects. Original video shot in DV Cam, HDV or HD format, edited digitally, recorded in the digital realm.

Editing Quality: Bill Roecker has edited over 65 full-length videos, from catching giant yellowtail tuna in the Revillagigedos archipelago to local calico and sand bass fishing; from "get down and grunt" fish-fighting to good-natured joshing when an angler misses a fish.

Unbiased Point of View: With many nature facts and scenic shots as well as hard-core fishing information and conservation ideals presented, the Bill Roecker's Standup Series is recommended by the International Game Fish Association, by California Outdoor Writer of the Year Ed Zieralski, and by thousands of salt water anglers, who are regular visitors to FishingVideos.com.

A Guarantee: If you're not satisfied with any Standup Series video for any reason you can return it for a new one or another.

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